Web Client-SideSecurity Automation

Protection and monitoring platform for your web application's client-side


Protect your Web Client-Side

Web client-side attacks such as XSS, Magecart, Clickjacking, Formjacking & CSRF account for ~50% of cybersecurity threats worldwide. RapidSec automates Content-Security-Policy, SameSite Cookies, and other security headers that protect your site - providing the best protection layer from client-side attacks, and closing this attack surface.

Developer-Friendly Security

RapidSec is built by developers - for developers. We know first-hand how hard it can be to enforce a best practice security posture for web application, and built RapidSec to make it easy. Delivering secure-first, constantly monitored client-side is now a reality.

RapidSec solves your web security challenges effectively

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