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Improve your web security posture and compliance. Generate a Content-Security-Policy (CSP) and Security Headers for your site. Deploy without breaking your site.

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Benefits of adopting CSP with RapidSec:

Security Posture & Compliance

Quickly build strong CSP and Security Headers that ace audits, and get A+ grades on the scanners used by your customers.

Monitoring & Protection

Monitor and protect your assets from threats with ease. Get Slack / SEIM alerts for XSS, Clickjacking, & Magecart, with robust threat detection.

Plug and Play

Set up your deployment in minutes by manually setting simple HTTP headers or using RapidSec pre-built integrations.

Risk Free

Use a battle-tested flow by starting CSP in learning mode while safely and gradually moving to effective enforcing policies with complete version control.

Why our customers choose RapidSec?

“Using RapidSec for our CSP was the best decision for our website security. Setting it up was really easy, no matters are missing and support is first class.”


Andreas Eder

Owner of OICHTENTAL Creative

“RapidSec made our CSP adoption easy and effective. When we tried implementing Content-Security-Policy manually on our applications – it was nearly impossible. RapidSec has saved us months of precious R&D time and resources with reaching and maintaining an A+ policy”


Aner Izraeli

Head of Security at Intezer

“Rapidsec makes tightening up your site with an A+ Content Security Policy so much simpler, and updating your security headers couldn’t be easier. RapidSec takes you from the report stage, all the way to active enforced protection with monitoring alerts.”


Clive Jackson

Web Developer

RapidSec Blog

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RapidSec CSP and Security Headers provide audit-ready evidence for enterprise audits, with an easily manageable suite.