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Client-Side Security and Monitoring Platform

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Better, Stronger, Simpler Client-Side Security.

Stop wasting your most valuable development and dev-ops resources on client-side configurations. RapidSec fully automates your client-side security and CSP (content security policy), using comprehensive telemetry and AI-driven insights out of the box.

I am very glad that I came into this project. I am struggling with this for several weeks now. Now I can see a light in the end of the tunnel.

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How RapidSec Revolutionizes Client-Side Security:

Accessible, Powerful and Scalable

  • Lightweight Microagent or plugin integration for your CDN/WAF/Origin/Framework
  • Auto-configurable, risk-free, plug-and-play as SaaS — or API!

Best-of-breed Protection and Monitoring

  • Protects against XSS, CSRF, Clickjacking, Magecart, Injections and more
  • Smart threat detection, taking into account site history
  • Learning attack engine mapping the threat landscape

Boosts Performance

  • Improved compliance — for regulators and scanners
  • Improves web performance and business metrics
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Build your Content-Security-Policy

Once you deploy your initial Content-Security-Policy, the browsers of your users will send CSP reports to your unique Report-Uri endpoint in RapidSec.

Our smart engine processes the CSP reports coming from your site and within a few clicks, generates a customized CSP built for your site.

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