Content-Security-Policy Automation

Build your Content-Security-Policy automatically. Monitor your Client-Side for security threats.

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Client-Side Security and Monitoring Platform


Build your Content-Security-Policy

Once you deploy your initial uniquely generated Content-Security-Policy HTTP header, the browsers of your users will send CSP reports to your unique Report-Uri endpoint in RapidSec.

Our smart engine processes the CSP reports coming from your site and within a few clicks, generates a customized CSP built for your site.

Automate your Content-Security-Policy in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Deploy the HTTP header snippet

All it takes to deploy your initial Content-Security-Policy is to configure an HTTP header.

Just choose your preferred integration method, copy your snippet and paste it in the right place to configure an HTTP response header.


Step 2: Use the Security Manager to generate your CSP based on the incoming traffic reports

Automatically create a strong CSP suited for your application. See your new CSP reports quickly from the dashboard and easily allow or dismiss them by CSP directive.

Don't worry if you're new to building CSPs — RapidSec has you covered with explanations of each directive and built-in best practices!

Once you’ve finished reviewing the suggestions in the Security Manager, click on Build CSP and repeat Step 1 to deploy your newly updated Content-Security-Policy.


Step 3: See In-depth Analytics

Explore your CSP reports. Dig into your data. Slice and dice by multiple parameters.

Understand which assets, pages or browsers are generating CSP reports on your site and access a detailed report view.


Step 4: Get Reports

Deployed your Report-Only CSP and now your users covered some additional flows with some additional browsers?

Get an email with a summary of your new pending review CSP reports.

You can choose one of our paid plans, start a free trial (no credit card required), get access to email alerts and never miss a CSP report violation on your site.


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Protect your Web Client-Side

Web client-side attacks such as XSS, Magecart, Clickjacking, Formjacking & CSRF account for ~50% of cybersecurity threats worldwide. RapidSec automates Content-Security-Policy, SameSite Cookies, and other security headers that protect your site — providing the best protection layer from client-side attacks, and closing this attack surface.


Developer-Friendly Security

RapidSec is built by developers — for developers. We know first-hand how hard it can be to enforce a best practice security posture for web application, and built RapidSec to make it easy. Delivering secure-first, constantly monitored client-side is now a reality.


Content-Security-Policy made easy

Monitor the CSP reports coming from your Client-Side. Get real-time alerts on new assets being loaded in your site, and to identify potential attacks with visibility on suspicious events occurring on your user's browsers. Analyze the data with RapidSec's powerful analytics reports and dashboards.

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