Netlify Security Headers and CSP

Add the RapidSec Netlify npm package, generate a strong Content-Security-Policy in minutes to protect your store.

Protect your Netlify Sites

Once you install the Netlify package, RapidSec will automatically setup a CSP with your uniquely generated Report-Uri endpoint. Our smart engine processes the CSP reports coming from your site and within a few clicks, generate a customized CSP built for your site.

Full Video Walkthrough of RapidSec CSP Generator

Our CEO, Shai Alon takes you from A->Z Building an Enterprise-grade CSP using RapidSec – leveraging the techniques used by top companies.

Setup RapidSec for Netlify in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Install the RapidSec Netlify package

Deploying a strong Content-Security-Policy for your Netlify sites is easy with the RapidSec Netlify package that handles everything for you. Just install the RapidSec package with npm or yarn. Add your RapidSec (production) token that you will get after signing up and add it to your build step in your CI/CD service.

Step 2: Use the Security Manager to generate your CSP based on the incoming traffic reports

Automatically create a strong CSP suited for your application. See your new CSP violations quickly from the dashboard and easily allow or dismiss them by CSP directive. Don't worry if you're new to building CSPs, we have you covered with explanations of each directive and industry best practices!

Step 3: See In-depth Analytics

Explore your CSP reports. Dig into your data. Slice and dice by multiple parameters. Understand which assets, pages or browsers are generating CSP violations on your site and access a detailed report view.

Step 4: Get Reports

Deployed your Report-Only CSP and now your users covered some additional flows with some additional browsers? You'll get an email with a summary of your new pending review CSP violations.

RapidSec makes your CSP and Security Headers deployment easy and compliant


Security Headers & CSP Made Easy

We are making the protection of client-side applications easier than ever before! Providing Automated, World-Class Client-Side Security and Monitoring.

We’re excited to update that RapidSec has joined Orca Security!
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